Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be​.​.​. A Tribute To AC​/​DC




Collecting bands to pay tribute to these masters of rock isn't an easy task, but when you hear the Supersuckers or The Dwarves ripping up these tunes in glorious stereo, like the rumors surrounding Franz Liszt in his day, you'll think the Devil had something to do with it.... and maybe he did.

Somewhere in Satan's kingdom, drink in hand, Bon Scott is smiling, and with the advent of this release, the horned king's bidding is done at last. Intended as a high-voltage tribute to the finest exemplars of all things bad-assed, sweat-drenched, and stone cold deafening that rock has yet seen, Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be assembles a true round table of dark knights in the sonic crusade against anemic, diluted, spineless music. Unlike most largely pointless and misguided corporate compilations thrown together by record execs doing thick rails of coke while on their cell phones, this is the real thing, the genuine article. No big hair, no sissified alterna-crap, no rap-metal crossover garbage, and definitely no korn; just a baker's dozen bands who have understood the AC/DC way of life, and method of rock since the word go.These are the true heirs to the throne. And with jaw-dropping, eye-popping artwork by renowned satanic high priest of illustration, Coop, and wicked-ass tattoo ink-slinger Dave Waugh, Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be visually drips with sex, hard rock, and more sex. But don't buy it just for the large-breasted demon chicks on the cover alone.....this fucker rocks like hell, a real kick in the teeth for a music industry long gone sour from top to bottom. For those about to rock...buy this album.


released September 13, 1999

Copyright: Reptilian Records 1999



all rights reserved


CHAPSTIK Detroit, Michigan

By hurling fistfuls of thunder and speed, bands like Chapstik (in all their blue collar Thor glory) appeal to the baser self, the self that cannot resist the power of the head bang and the flashing of the metal sign -- the self that knows why it feels so good to be bad.

Chapstik is pure adrenaline.
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